TO ANCIENT GREEK OR NOT TOWARDS GREEK Lately, Smart College or university Visit posted an article from The Authentic College Guidebook about going Greek from your student’s mindset, listing the advantages and Side effects of Ancient life. Following reading that, I thought obviously interesting to look at Greek daily life from a parent’s perspective. Since i have have particular experience of this type of college lifetime, I wanted to share my thinkings and recommendations to help other parents who have might be headed down this road later on.

When this daughter started off her university search procedure, Greek existence was at the highest of him / her MUST HAVE variety. Her grandmother was a Zeda and this girl had always wanted to follow throughout her footsteps so to speak. I had developed my priorities (most of which related to the actual social aspect of Greek life), but When i supported her dream and also her institution choice determined by this set of guidelines.

Just a month into your ex freshman year or so, rush started off. Many of your ex new colleagues were intrigued by pledging sororities and they all attended employment events. If the bids were only available in, my little girl was invited to promise, give your word two sororities and picked out the one that your woman felt accommodate her attitude best this girl felt pleasant and at easiness with the users. When the weeks of pledging and ‘hell week’ were being over, our daughter joined up with Alpha Phi Zeta Rho Chapter in Bentley University.

Here is this is my PARENT record of the good and bad points of Greek life:


  • Her marks suffered -The a couple of months that my daughter appeared to be pledging received a distressing affect upon her GPA. As you move the sorority said they recommended their affiliates to study, all those study classes were delayed at night plus unproductive. Freshman year sets the shade for your total college work and this girl had to continually work to get the woman GPA contingency plan after that earliest semester.
  • Hazing -Whether they will fess as much as it or not, it happens. Just about all colleges article rules and regulations next to it, nevertheless it happens. I had fashioned many feuds with the daughter pertaining to reporting typically the infractions, nonetheless she sure me often the hazing had not been that lousy. I never ever liked the item and could not really see the desire for that type of initiation.
  • Drinking -Greek life does signify parties. And also Greek persons ALWAYS have beer. Drinking is inspired and it’s a right of verse during putting down. They don’t health care that your junior is underage. The liquor is commonly distributed.
  • The clique mentality -Greek lifetime encourages snobbery. If you’re an associate of a sorority or a fraternity, you’re educated (whether immediately or indirectly) that you’re much better than everyone else. As i never enjoyed reading that perspective and it contradicted some of the areas that I explained my child growing up.
  • The cost -Greek living will put hundreds of us dollars a half-year to your institution expenses. The obvious costs tend to be dues. Nonetheless add to that t shirts, out of town trips, and additional celebration fees that can not be written in semester expenses. If you have some sort of daughter, it is advisable to plan to pay for dresses for numerous semi-formal and elegant events all year round.


  • Lifetime romances -My daughter developed some great associates during university or college, not all within her sorority, but many were. Her ‘big sister’ became her supporter and that connection is still tough today. Their big mother helped the girl through quite a few difficult circumstances in college or university (deaths about friends in addition to grandparents) as well as helped the navigate typically the ins and outs regarding Greek lifestyle.
  • Social knowledge -Greek life really does force one to become socially active. The government actions and actions enable you to turn into comfortable on social cases and help you discover how to match and make completely new friends. Most likely part of cameraman and this facilitates, especially if you and your family is a long way away (as we were) and you need a ‘home’ to see.
  • Network -Going Greek gives you tremendous marketing connections for the duration of college after graduation. Because you’re a part of an alumni group, you will have outside relationships that can help together with job search and give you an advantage in the submit graduation work search.
  • Leadership abilities -My daughter offered in numerous command capacities inside her sorority and as organ of the on-campus Historic council. The lady learned ways to delegate, arrange events, as well as manage costs, all even while being a component of a Greek organization.
  • Charity deliver the results -All Greek institutions adopt a charity. Their valuable members continue to work hard to support which charity and also participate in fund-raising events over summer and winter. This will teach them to relinquish to some and it promotes a way of thinking that they carry them immediately after graduation.

Hence here’s the question Am i not glad of which my little girl went Decorative? Yes. Over the long haul, it was a beneficial experience on her. During the near future, I was distressed with some on the negative impacts and thinking I viewed. It was right for her, however it’s not best for everyone. If your teen has his/her center set on Traditional life, put in doubt and be made ready to have some of the same mixed behavior I had.

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