The odds that the points scored by a team in a match to be strange or even are the same as the chances of tail and head to come out once we flip the coin, meaning 50 percent. Notably in sports as basketball where the scores are high and the points happen more than one at a time. It is only a game of numbers.
If we all know and we knoe that the true probability for each outcome is 50% we can use the laws of binomial distribution to estimate the odds of events to occur in trials.
What I mean is that if a group has 6 consecutive odd total points, the chances that the 7th match the points scored to be strange are 0.062, 62 out of 1000. More if a group has 7 consecutive odd total points that the chances to become in the 8th are 0.035, 35 out of 1000. The probability will not become 0 after 8 or 9 consecutive odds but they are getting more closer to 0. Even there are chances but only 35 at 1000 trilas.
The main point is that Dallas Mavericks have 6 consecutive odd total points so if we bet total points even for Dallas the chances to eliminate the wager are 6.2percent and Phoenix Suns have seven successive odd totals so if we will score tonight that a total even the odds to shed are 3.5%.
I didn’t make any backtesting but it’s pure math so I will take them as two good bets.

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