Pakens Shipping and Logistics Company is a full-service, independent, privately owned Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder wholly dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to the importing and exporting community.

Pakens Shipping and Logistics Company provides personalized customs clearance and delivery of ocean and air import cargo.  

Through our licensed and knowledgeable team with over 20 years industry experience, Pakens Shipping and Logistics Company Limited is able to manage and coordinate even the most complex cargo clearances and shipments smoothly and efficiently and get your goods moving as quickly as possible cost effectively.

Our Mission

Pakens Shipping and Logistics is dedicated to understanding customer expectations and identifying and developing opportunities to enhance customer supply chain strategies.

Our operating philosophy is founded on maintaining the highest level of quality service in the most efficient manner possible to deliver to the delight of our customers.

We are dedicated to providing a safe work environment for our employees

Our Values

  • Ensure a friendly, healthy and safe work environment
  • Act with integrity, ethically, and legally
  • Accept personal responsibility
  • Exceed expectations
  • To be more innovative, productive and efficient
  • To be fiscally responsible